Colours of life

aMTao5KAn old man was leering at the green young leaves of a tree.He wished if he could return back to green. Seeing this, the brown old leaves from ground alleged ” hey, don’t gospel that green, look at me I am you “. But the bittiest voice didnot orbit the ears of that man.After a while something terrible happened.That old man fell down with his collapsing feet.He tried to look back to green but his heads didnot move,now he realized he was brown and old like the leaves. At that moment he felt a green young touch who took him to his home. It was his grandson. As soon as they reach home the grandson went for his work.The old man was sleeping and leering the old brown leaf. It was his new and last friend of his life.He put his friend below the pillow and slept with a smile 🙂 #KIT

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